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Eisenhüttenstadt Gesellschaftshaus Schleicher; Wilhelmstraße 37 Eisenhüttenstadt 15890
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2 Tickets Standard oder VIP für Bastian Semm Konzert Cash – A Singer of Songs am 10.10.2015 in Eisenhüttenstadt für 22 €

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Der Deal:

Johnny Cash gehört zu den Denkmälern der populären Musik und fasziniert den Künstler Bastian Semm seit frühester Kindheit. Semm studierte Schauspiel an der Leipziger Hochschule für Musik und Theater und war fest in Basel und Heidelberg engagiert. Mit Cash – A Singer of Songs ist er seit 2012 quer durch Deutschland auf Tour. Auf Einladung eines Songschreibers von Cash bereiste er den Süden der USA und machte in Nashville Bekanntschaft mit Cashs Sohn John Carter Cash. Am 10. Oktober 2015 zeichnet Semm in Eisenhüttenstadt im Gesellschaftshaus Schleicher unplugged die bewegte Lebensgeschichte der Legende nach und hat dazu persönliche und intime Interpretationen seiner wundervollen Musik entwickelt, die er mit Auszügen aus Cashs eindrücklicher Autobiographie verknüpft.

  • 2 Tickets für Bastian Semm Konzert Cash – A Singer of Songs am 10.10.2015 in Eisenhüttenstadt für 22 €
  • 2 VIP-Tickets für das Bastian Semm Konzert Cash – A Singer of Songs am 10.10. 2015 in Eisenhüttenstadt für 40 €

VIP-Pass beinhaltet:

  • Garderobe
  • Knabberteller
  • Ausgewählte Getränke
  • Warmes Essen
  • Signiertes Poster
  • Meet&Greet mit dem Künstler vor der Show

Der Partner:

Hansen&Hansen ist ein Veranstaltungsunternehmen, das sich auf die Organisation und Durchführung von Events spezialisiert hat. Zu den Veranstaltungsorten gehört beispielsweise das Gesellschaftshaus Schleicher in Eisenhüttenstadt.


Einlösbarkeit: Veranstaltungsort: Gesellschaftshaus Schleicher; Wilhelmstraße 37, 15890 Eisenhüttenstadt. Gilt nur für die gebuchte Veranstaltung und Kategorie. Reservierung: Nicht erforderlich. Groupon bei Ankunft vorzeigen. Der Gutschein wird ab 1 Std. vor Beginn an der Abendkasse gegen eine Eintrittskarte eingetauscht. Weitere Informationen: Dieser Gutschein ist von Widerruf und Rückgabe ausgeschlossen (vgl. AGB Ziffer 5.2).

Eisenhüttenstadt, 15890 Gesellschaftshaus Schleicher; Wilhelmstraße 37 Eisenhüttenstadt 15890

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3.3 out of 5 stars

Aaron Comminos
Aaron Comminos

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

They did a free appraisal for me on some antique flintlocks that I bought in Morocco. Tom was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. I didn't buy anything from them on this visit but they have lots of cool stuff and their showroom is situated on the top floor of a colonial type house. If you are into antique firearms, checking this place out is well worth the hour to hour and half drive from NYC.

Sean Kaplan
Sean Kaplan

5 out of 5 stars

posted 1 year ago

They truly don't make 'em like they used to. Hansen and Hansen boasts an extremely fascinating stock of older firearms (as well as some newer models), knives, helmets, obscure ammo, and other collectibles. Jay is such a pleasure to speak to, and is sure to give you a great price. Highly recommend, will be spending a lot more time there.

Michael Krause
Michael Krause

5 out of 5 stars

posted 6 years ago

Since I was a youngster in Texas, I have been interested in guns and shooting, both antique and modern. Over the years, I have bought, sold and traded countless rifles, pistols and shotguns. Back “in the day”, gun shops and pawn shops and hardware stores that traded in guns always fascinated me. Most Saturdays would find me “downtown” visiting these shops to see what new arrivals were on display and the opportunity to talk to and visit with the owners as well as other “regulars” that stopped by to look with similar objectives. The guys behind the counter were always friendly and willing to talk about guns and the new items on display.
Shortly after moving to Connecticut several years ago, I noticed the GUNS sign on the Hansen and Hansen (H&H) building from the Post Road and decided to stop by soon. Finally, my son and I visited H&H one Saturday afternoon a few years ago. It had been quite some time since I visited a gun shop and I was pleasantly surprised that the image developed in my youth was still alive and well! Their shop, reminds me of the gun shops I used to visit in Texas as a teenager. A place where you get the feeling you have been there before and the folks in charge are low-pressure and helpful regardless of your level of knowledge about arms and armor or you area of interest. H&H is such a place.
The President, John “Jay” Hansen is extremely knowledgeable in most areas of arms and armor collecting. Jay has and still serves on many committees and boards of arms and armor collecting societies and professional organizations. Both Jay and Tom have written articles for many publications and have provided consulting, appraisal and advisory services for estates, law enforcement, authors and organizations as well as TV and other media. Their technical and historical knowledge is expansive and impressive. Key areas for Jay include Ruger and Luger pistols while Tom is an expert on Colt and Civil War armaments. But, as important as their knowledge and background, they are extremely welcoming and forthcoming toward anyone who stops by the shop. Whether you want to browse, have an item to sell or need advice on a pistol or rifle to purchase, they will take the time to assess your requirements and make reasonable suggestions to meet your needs. Their items on sale, whether antique or modern are priced reasonably, and usually less than what you will find on auction websites or through retailers. I have sold four guns through H&H on consignment with favorable outcomes and I have purchased two guns (so far) this past year at less than retail prices. If you enjoy guns and history, Hansen & Hansen embodies the qualities, atmosphere and expectations of the gun shop of old – a curiosity shop for enthusiasts. One visit will keep you coming back for more!